Paris, December 10, 2020 – On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the Paris Agreement, Sodexo, world leader in Quality of Life Services, has secured a place on the global environmental non-profit Carbon Disclosure Project’s ‘A list’ of climate change leaders’.

For the first time, Sodexo scored an “A” grade, joining 270 high-performing companies out of more than 9,500. This recognition demonstrates key progress on its carbon strategy which includes a target aligned with the most ambitious goal of the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, as well as concrete actions to cut emissions and transparency in reporting.

“Sodexo is the only company from the foodservices and facility management sectors to be part of this exclusive list of corporate sustainability leaders. This clear testimony to the efforts our teams are deploying alongside our suppliers and clients encourages us on our path towards fundamentally sustainable services,” said Maria Outters, Senior Vice President, Corporate Responsibility at Sodexo. “We are progressing in several areas of our carbon strategy, in line with our science-based and industry-leading target to reducing our total carbon emissions by 34% by 2025.”

Since 2017, Sodexo reduced its Scopes 1 and 2 carbon emissions by 15.9% and its Scope 3 Supply Chain carbon emissions by 10.5%*.

“The partnership between WWF and Sodexo on its carbon strategy over the last 10 years is showing results, and WWF is heavily invested in supporting Sodexo's transformation and driving sustainable change within the foodservices sector.” said Marie-Christine Korniloff, Deputy Director for Economic affairs, WWF FRANCE. "The entrance of Sodexo in the CDP 'A-list' for Climate highlights the commitment of the Group in delivering progress on the reduction of its environmental impact, despite a challenging economic situation,”

Sodexo's carbon strategy is built on four key actions:

  1. Fighting food waste with WasteWatch
    WasteWatch, Sodexo’s game-changing food waste prevention program has an ambitious objective of reducing food waste on our sites by 50% by 2025, through measurement and prevention. As the most comprehensive program in the foodservices sectors, Sodexo helped its clients and the consumers served avoid 2,468 tons of food being waste – more than 17,000 tons of carbon since the program started.
  2. Promoting plant-based meal options
    Sodexo has increased its menu mix target for plant-based meals to more than 30% globally to address the growing consumer demand for sustainable food and more natural, local and healthy ingredients. In 6,500 sites in 13 countries, Sodexo also offers menus based on “Future 50 Foods”, which are nutritious and have a lower environmental impact.
  3. Building a low-carbon supply chain
    With 49% of its emissions being linked to its supply-chain, Sodexo is working with suppliers and partners such as the WWF to build a more local and low-carbon supply chain. Sodexo has committed to a deforestation-free and conversion-free supply chain globally by 2030 for the following priority commodities: palm oil, soy, beef and paper products.
  4. Focusing on energy management and renewable energies
    Sodexo has committed to switching to 100% renewable electricity by 2025 at its directly operated sites. Sodexo is also supporting clients in this respect, through Sodexo’s energy management service that generates significant savings and significant returns on investment.

Partnering to act on climate change is part of the positive impact of doing business with Sodexo.

*More information on Sodexo’s reduction in carbon emissions are available on page 78 of the company’s Fiscal 2020 Universal Registration Document.

About the CDP A List
CDP’s annual environmental disclosure and scoring process is widely recognized as the gold standard of corporate environmental transparency. A detailed and independent methodology is used by CDP to assess responding companies, allocating a score of A to D- based on the comprehensiveness of disclosure, awareness and management of environmental risks and demonstration of best practices associated with environmental leadership, such as setting ambitious and meaningful targets.
The full list of companies that made this year’s CDP A List is available here, along with other publicly available company scores:

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